Your individual way into the pharmaceutical market

We are your efficient logistics service provider and certified wholesaler of pharmaceutical products based in Central Hesse

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  • Logistics expert

  • We distribute your goods to the participants in the pharmaceutical market in the right quantities and on time and, in addition to providing logistics services as your central warehouse, we also handle the invoicing of your orders and the handling of callbacks and complaints.

  • Pharmaceutical wholesale

  • As a partially sorted pharmaceutical wholesaler, we supply more than 4,000 pharmacies in Germany and thus form an important link between manufacturers and pharmacies.

  • Pharmacy cooperation

  • The pharmacy cooperation, founded in 1978, has the purpose of bundling purchasing volumes and improving the supply conditions of the partner pharmacies.

Strong service since 1978

Dalheim Pharma Service emerged from the Dalheim Pharmacy in 1978. Since then, we have taken over central purchasing for our partner pharmacies, always adopting the pharmacists’ perspective. In the 1980s, DPS built up the pharmaceutical wholesale business segment, which now supplies more than 4,000 pharmacies.
Since the 2000s, DPS has continued to assume the tasks of a pharmaceutical logistics service provider. Here, we provide manufacturers with our storage capacities as a central warehouse (15-25 degrees Celsius), distribute the goods to all participants in the pharmaceutical market in accordance with orders and take over the invoicing, including the handling of complaints and recalls.

Save on administration, warehousing and shipping costs through our collaboration.

Your staff can focus on adding value to your business.
You want to work cost-efficiently? Send us your goods on pallets and we will take care of order entry, picking, shipping, invoicing and after-sales services.